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ENTER TENONIZER TECHNOLOGY. With major breakthroughs in Log Furniture / Handrail manufacture. Cutting the radius shoulder tenon with the grain instead of against it. Able to maintain accuracy of + or - .005". A totally "caged" cutter and finger tip control. Tenonizer Technology produces the speed, safety and accuracy needed to make log furniture building a profitable enterprise. With three tenon styles to choose from and absolute accuracy of both Mortise and Tenon, you can reach as far as you can dream.

  • Tenon cutters for the homeowners who want to build their own furniture and handrail.
  • Tenon cutters for the small one or two man shop, or the machinery for larger Log Furniture manufacturing facilities. ALL OF OUR EQUIPMENT IS BUILT INDUSTRIAL DUTY, I HATE THINGS THAT BREAK.
  • DR. PRESS, our tilting column drill press, designed specifically for drilling log-work and stairway rail, makes the impossible, possible.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS AND BLUEPRINTS, to help you get a running start on your chore list.

We at TENONIZER TECHNOLOGY INC. are dedicated to bringing you not just the best equipment, but, also the knowledge to cause that machinery to be profitable to you.

We also work with From Minnesota Inc., producing Log Handrail and Furniture. This has become a place to test new machinery, concepts and ideas.

The videos we produce are often taken from projects that From Minnesota Inc. has been commissioned to create. We tape and edit the project with the intent to enable you to duplicate the finished project.

Also we often glean information from our customers with the intent of passing on what is learned.