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My wife and I started building log homes in 1978. We had moved into the rural area of Brainerd, MN. from the Twin Cities. With a dream, a prayer, and a strong carpenter background, we built several "Full Scribe" Style log homes.

Because of machinery limitations, the log handrail presented some peculiar problems. So we designed and built our own tenon cutting machinery. We realized that this machinery opened up a whole new world for us, and in 1992 we made the choice to let it do the same for you.

After several patents, design consultants, machine shops, and a few years of good old sweat and tears, we can now see that it was the right choice. Much of the best log furniture being built across the US and Canada is being built by using TENONIZER TECHNOLOGY equipment.


Our youngest son was born in the first log home we built. And while each one of our 3 children took their turns working on the log homes, we have had to expand and hire additional help to meet the ever increasing demand for TENONIZER'S Log Furniture / Handrail Machinery.

  • Anything worth doing is worth doing well. First, get the quality in, then figure out how to do it faster. That is what my Grandfather taught me.
  • The goal of TENONIZER is to bring to you, the best, longest lasting machinery and support technology in existence.
  • With our partner company, 'From Minnesota', we are continually "pressing the envelope," designing new furniture, new machinery & instructional videos and of course producing the PBS TV series "A Piece of the Woods". It sometimes seems like we are on a wild ride at the fair, but it has given us the opportunity to meet, and talk to, some of the finest people on earth... Log Home and Log Furniture builders of the US and Canada.